Carteret plans major upgrades to Fire Department headquarters and apparatus

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Reiman has joined with the Carteret Fire Department to announce $1,980,000 in corporate and non-profit grant funding for upgrades to the Carteret Fire Department’s equipment and headquarters on Roosevelt Avenue. $830,000 has been provided by the Carteret Hazmat Funding Association, L.L.C., a consortium of area businesses that manufacture and/or store hazardous materials, according to Fire Chief Mark Hruska.

The grant includes $230,000 awarded by B.P. Amoco, with an additional $800,000 pledged by the Carteret Business Partnership, Inc..

$1,680,000 has been applied towards the acquisition of several firefighting vehicles which include a custom 2014 Pierce Arrow firefighting truck with a 750 gallon water tank and a 250 gallon foam tank. Features and specifications include:

  • 2 master stream appliances
    • 1 Williams 6 inch foam nozzle capable of supplying 4000 gallons of foam solution or water per minute
    • 1 Typhoon foam nozzle capable of supplying 2000 gallons of foam solution or water per minute
  • Pump capable of supplying 3000 gallons per minute when using a pressurized water source
  • Pierce Husky Foam System capable of producing up to 2000 gallons per minute of 3% foam solution or 6000 gallons per minute of 1% foam solution
  • Foam can be delivered to any discharge on the vehicle

“We were able to design a one of a kind municipal / industrial hybrid pumper that completely encompasses both tasks,” Chief Hruska stated. “We are truly thankful for the donation provided by B.P. Amoco and the grant paid by the Carteret Hazmat Funding Association. This vehicle will definitely bring added firefighting capability to our Department.”

The Borough is now in the process of purchasing an additional 2014 Pierce Arrow 75’ ladder truck, outfitted with a 75’ aluminum ladder and a 2000 gallon per minute pump. Similar to the vehicle already acquired by the Fire Department, the ladder truck will also have foam pumping capabilities.

Both vehicles are state of the art with all of the latest safety systems to protect firefighters, according to Fire Commissioner Randy Krum.

The Fire Department has also acquired a used Pierce 2000 GPM pumper vehicle with a modest 22,000 miles on it. The vehicle was obtained from a small community in central Pennsylvania.

“We’re glad to see some of Carteret’s entrepreneurs and industries contributing to the safety of both our residential and commercial districts,” Mayor Reiman said. “My administration has always held that public/private partnerships can make the difference in raising local safety standards – in making proactive training, equipment, and facility improvements where needed most.”

Recently, Mayor Reiman joined with the Borough Council to unveil preliminary plans to make $300,000 in structural modifications to the Carteret Fire Department’s headquarters. According to Mayor Reiman, an underutilized section of the building will be converted to accommodate 4 EMS ambulance storage bays. Borough engineers have asserted that the project will save the Borough over $1 million dollars as opposed to constructing a new building.

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