Carteret showcasing the Borough’s commitment to the Arts

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman, in conjunction with the Central Jersey Arts Council  announced the rollout of artistically painted pianos being placed in Borough Parks and community spaces for the Mayor’s “Pianos in the Parks” program.

Carteret is the first town in the area to have the Pianos in the Park program in place. The program will give residents access to a tunable musical instrument and painted work of art.  In late May Mayor Reiman and the Central Jersey Arts Council (CJAC) invited local artists to submit designs for the opportunity to paint a piano which will be put on display.  By the June 11th deadline the contest had eighteen submissions, of which eleven of the designs were selected by the Arts Council to be painted on pianos.

“I decided to bring the Pianos in the Park program to Carteret because I think it is a great opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the arts, music and recreation,” said Mayor Dan Reiman.  “It is a great way for us to showcase the many talents our community members have to offer, and it gives our families, neighbors and residents a chance to interact with each other, through passive recreation, in one of Carteret’s many fantastic parks.”

Each of the artists was provided a primed refurbished piano and painting supplies to make their submission a reality.   Some of the design submission themes included “supporting our troops”, art and creativity, history, superhero comics, around the world, garden flowers and art deco.

Once completed the pianos will be sealed with a lacquer, to protect the pianos from the elements, and will be secured in gazebos or covered spaces throughout the town for public use.  Musicians are encouraged to play, spectators to listen and passersby to appreciate the beauty of each painted work of art.  The pianos will be available seasonally during spring, summer and fall months, stored indoors over winter and rotated to different parks each season.

Pictures of the Pianos in the Park

Parks with pianos on Display:

  1. “Around the World” – Justin Rodriguez & Zoraida Rolm – Ash Street Park
  2. “Van Gogh & Dibble and Dabble Creativity Center” – Edith Gardener & Jezenia Mendez-Gardener – Banick Park
  3. “Tree of Life” – Shelby Kappes – Carteret Park
  4. “Support Our Troops” – Rachel Smith & Rose Vidaurrazaga Carteret Ave Island
  5. “Historic Carteret Postcards” – Carteret Historical Committee – Civic Center Park
  6.  “Flowers” – Mayte Sosa – Shorecrest Park
  7. “TAB” – Teen Advisory Board led by Amaya Morales – TBD
  8. “CJAC Drawing Club – Adrian Vega – TBD
  9. “Steam Punk” Themed – Brosko Family – TBD
  10. “Sci-Fi/Anime” – Able Luna & Raymond Laguer – TBD


Parks the remaining pianos will be placed in.

Waterfront Park
Bishop Andrews (Chrome) Park
Cornell Park
Grant Ave Park

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