Carteret Conducts Care Package Drive for NJ Army National Guard Unit Deployed in the Middle East

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman today announced that the Borough of Carteret is currently raising donations and items to forward care packages to U.S. military personnel deployed in the Middle East.  The New Jersey Army National Guard unit, under directive of the U.S. Department of Defense, includes Carteret’s own Army Sergeant Lawrence Yang, who is also a Carteret Police Patrolman.

Carteret Officer Yang and the NJ Army National Guard Unit

If you have a family member or know a Carteret resident who is deployed to a combat zone, we would like to send them a care package too. Please e-mail the information to

Donations may be dropped off at Mayor Reiman’s office in Borough Hall at 61 Cooke Avenue in Carteret until August 10, 2019.

Examples of items being collected are:


Crackers               Clif Bars              Cookies

Chips                    Protein Bars          Hard Candies

Nuts                     Granola Bars         Gum

Fruit Snacks          Tuna Pouches        Beef Jerky

Other non-perishable items:

Powdered Drinks Mixes:

Instant Coffee

Powdered Creamer (Coffee Mate or Creamora)

Juice Mixes

Gatorade Mix


Deodorant           Facial Moisturizer                Disposable Razors

Soap                    Sunscreen                             Baby Wipes

Body Wash         Feminine Care Products         Baby Powder

Body Lotion       Shampoo                               Gold Bond Medicated Powder

Foot Lotion        Conditioner                             Cotton Swabs


Advil                          Tums

Tylenol                        Cough Drops

Icy Hot                       Pepto Bismol (Tablet Form)

Vicks Vapo Rub          Imodium (Tablet Form)

Monetary donations may be made, payable to:

“Carteret Business Partnership”

61 Cooke Ave. Carteret, NJ 07008.

Please call 732-541-3836 with any questions regarding care package donations.

Call Us at (732) 541-3801 | Open Mon-Fri 8:00a - 4:00p