Local Business Quilts for a Cause

Carteret, NJ – The Borough administration acknowledged “Country Quilt n’ Threads” last week on the first anniversary of their entrepreneurship in Carteret, and for starting the “Quilts for a Cause” program.

The program, initiated by Jean Lutz, owner of Country Quilt n Threads, has attracted a number of area seamstresses who donate their time, skill, and materials towards the creation of quilts to be given to the hospitalized military. So far 12 quilts have been completed, although the program has also produced a range of patriotic fabrics and “blocks,” which comprise some quilts, through donations. The quilts, while varying in design, all contain patriotic themes.

According to Lutz, all quilts and materials are offered strictly on a volunteer basis. So far the program has attracted crafters from the entire region, and because of its popularity is expected to continue indefinitely.

“There is a great deal of pride that goes into these quilts,” Jean Lutz commented. “Everyone who participates realizes how much these servicemen have given, so we’re happy to be giving something in return.”

Coordinating with the Red Cross, the first quilts will be hand delivered by Mayor Reiman to the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C., this winter. It is expected that the program will continue, although when and where more quilts will be distributed has yet to be established.

“No one can say that Carteret under appreciates our military,” Mayor Reiman added. “Traditionally this has been a town that deeply honors our servicemen and servicewomen, through our countless programs, services, special events, memorials, and most recently, the grants we have provided to local veterans organizations. Its easy to see the amount of care that went into the creation of these quilts, and how much these servicemen are appreciated.”

Country Quilt n Threads, at 1512 Roosevelt Avenue, hosted a celebration of its 1st anniversary last Saturday, September 27.

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