Public Records Information Made Easily Available on the Web

Carteret, NJ – Following a directive issued by Mayor Dan Reiman in July, Borough department heads and staff have made public records and forms readily available on the web at . The decision was made, according to Mayor Reiman, following the successful advancement of the borough website, which has undergone a number of significant improvements including the speed and convenience with which information may now be accessed. The new information has been available on the web since September.

In 2007, the Borough contracted QScend Technologies to provide its content-based web-hosting service to Carteret. QScend Technologies is an industry leader in web-based software solutions and services for municipalities, with more than 2,000 users across the country utilizing its products. The company’s integrated suite of e-Government applications have enabled government agencies to create a Web-based system for capturing, managing, coordinating, and publishing information to multiple target users. By allowing the Borough’s various departments to focus on content rather than the cumbersome nuts and bolts of webpage design, the service has proven to be an asset both to officials and residents.

Since then Carteret’s homepage has undergone a major overhauling that goes beyond its new look. Virtually all public information that was typically limited to printed materials are now available online, and contact information as well as departmental announcements can easily be updated by Borough staff, and accessed by residents.

Although available as a beta version since September and now official since October 1st, the Borough has taken its technology a step further by making all public records and standardized forms available on the web. According to the Mayor and Council, this will be a great advantage and convenience for residents;

“Just about any form you previously needed to visit a Borough Department for can be downloaded and filled out at home,” Councilwoman Susan Naples stated, “and public records that would have been tedious and time consuming to retrieve will be a few clicks away on our homepage.”

Mayor Reiman noted that there are many public meetings that many residents are unable to attend. Minutes from these, along with agendas, ordinances, resolutions, and other documentation will be made available in Microsoft Word and/or PDF format.

“There’s no reason why our local government’s technology shouldn’t be in stride with our other improvements,” Mayor Reiman said, “and our many agendas and objectives for Carteret. Making information more accessible will mean added convenience for residents, but also increased efficiency for municipal operations. Most significant, it will bring residents closer to their local government, and allow them to become more involved with how we function. Bottom line is government employees are here to serve the public trust, and any and all information should be easily available to a resident or taxpayer.”

The Borough’s code, official financial disclosure forms, 2007 employee salaries, municipal budgets, annual audits, financial statements, vendor and bill lists are now available on the borough homepage

  • License Fees
  • Dog and Cat Licenses
  • General License Application
  • Retail Food Establishment Application
  • Retail Food (Mobile) Truck Application
  • Ice Cream Truck Application
  • Hotel/Motel Application
  • Predemolition Application
  • Commercial Swimming Pool Application
  • Temporary Food Establishment Application
  • Vending Machine Application
  • Marriage/Civil Union Application Info and Requirements
  • Marriage/Civil Union License Application
  • Certified Copies of Vital Records
  • Complaints to Health Department
  • Rental Thomas J. Deverin Community Center Hall
  • Senior Citizen Registration
  • Office on Aging Medical Emergency Form
    • Certificate of Occupancy
    • Certificate Habitability
    • Certificate Checklist
    • Commercial/ Industrial Cert. of Occupancy
Building Permits
    • Building Technical
    • Electrical Technical
    • Plumbing Technical
    • Fire Technical
Zoning Applications
    • Homeowner & Contractor – Lists information concerning Homeowner & Contractor and their dual responsibility (pdf)
    • Application for Flat Work Permit – Application for obtaining permit for Flat Work (pdf)
    • Request Zoning Approval Proposed Shed – Request form for zoning approval on proposed shed (pdf)
    • Land Development – Borough of Carteret Development Ordinance Bulk Schedule(pdf)
    • Fence Permit – Request form for obtaining Fence Permit(pdf)
    • Zoning Permit – Request form for obtaining a zoning permit(pdf)
    • Concrete Work
    • Accessory Structure
Other Departments
Land Use Department
Zoning 732-541-3936
Planning 732-541-3936
Engineering 732-541-3826
Property Maintenance
Information 732-541-3883
Inspection 732-541-3883
Building Inspection
Scheduling 732-541-3810
Housing Officer 732-541-3925
Building Inspector 732-541-3929
Electrical Inspector 732-541-3937
Plumbing Inspector 732-541-3928
Fire Inspector 732-541-3927
Assistant to the Construction Official 732-541-3910
Construction Board of Appeals 732-745-4272
Planning Board 732-541-3936
Zoning Board of Adjustment 732-541-3936
  • Zoning Board Agenda January 2008
  • Planning Board Agenda January 2008
  • Zoning Board January 2008
  • Planning Board January 2008
  • Zoning Board February 2008
  • Planning Board February 2008
  • Zoning Board March 2008
  • Planning Board March 2008
  • Zoning Board April 2008
  • Planning Board April 2008
  • Zoning Board May 2008
  • Planning Board May 2008
  • Zoning Board June 2008
  • Planning Board June 2008
  • Zoning Board July 2008
  • Planning Board July 2008
  • Zoning Board August 2008
  • Planning Board August 2008
Engineering Department
  • Sanitary Sewer Application – Connection Application, Tracking Approval, Tracking Completion Forms
  • Road Open Permit – Required form for excavation within borough right-of-ways
  • Land Use Application – Planning / Zoning Application Form
Municipal Clerk
  • Bingos and Raffles
  • Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
  • Taxi Owners
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Limousine Owners and Operators
  • Assessment Searches
  • Landlord Statements
  • Vendors & Peddlers
  • Amusement Games & Distributors
  • Handicapped Parking
  • Precious Metals
  • Trailer Parks
  • Voter Registration – Voter Registration Form for voting.
  • Political Party Affiliation – State of NJ Political Party Affiliation Declaration Form for registered voters that wish to affiliate with a political party
  • Emergency Notification System – Emergency Notification System form to be used for Borough residents that have UNLISTED phone numbers and want to be part of this automated service.
  • Taxi Owner and Taxi Driver
  • Peddlors and Vendors
  • Arcade and Distributors
  • Bingo and Raffle
  • Limousene Registration
  • Applications for Employment – For all types of Municipal positions. Applications are kept on file for three (3) years.
  • (OPRA) Open Public Records Act – Any information requested from any of the Borough Departments, for which copies will be made, must have a completed copy of this form, which will provide the cost and the time limit to which it must be completed.
Police Department
  • ABC License Application
  • Bicycle License
  • Neighborhood Watch Application
OIT – Office of Information Technology
  • CBTv36 Event Announcement Request Form – Use this form to submit, “Event Announcements” for the Carteret Borough’s Tv36, Bulletin Board.

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2007 Municipal Budget
2008 Municipal Budget
2007 Annual Financial Statement
2007 Annual Debt Statement
2007 Audit Report
2007 Payroll
2008 Sewer Rebate Program
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