Mayor Announces $15k in Charitable Grant to Carteret Middle School

(Carteret, NJ) – Carteret Middle School will begin two new programs, Elevate Education and After School Coding with Apple, thanks to a $10k donation from the Paul Sansone Foundation and a $5k donation from Mayor Reiman’s Children Charity Trust Fund.

“These programs offer unique, specialized training that will greatly benefit our middle schoolers,” says Mayor Reiman. “These donations will be used to cover the teachers’ salaries and the costs of materials, allowing each student an equal opportunity to participate.”

Elevate Education is designed to better prepare students for academic success by developing their executive functioning skills, focusing on study skills, time management, and improving scholastic achievement in fun, engaging ways. Elevate Education works with each student to identify their needs, engage them, and track their progress, while keeping teachers and parents informed throughout the process. The program takes place over three sessions for the students, one teacher meeting, and one parent meeting. The sessions will be offered over the course of six weeks during the school day to ensure every CMS student is afforded the same opportunity.

Paul Sansone Sr., CEO of the Sansone Auto Mall in Woodbridge, while attending the Carteret Middle School check presentation, spoke on behalf of the Sansone Foundation.  Mr. Sansone expressed his strong support for enhancing education opportunities for middle school students. “I am proud to be a part of this very special education project and know that it will be a continuing success.” says Sansone.

After School Coding with Apple will allow students to use SWIFT software, developed by Apple, in order to code in an interactive and fun way that will transform their learning. Additionally, students will be introduced to Apple products, such as iMovie and Keynote, to explore and expand their skill set. This eight-week program will run once a week, after school, for CMS students. All participating students will be provided with iPads.

“Carteret Public Schools thank Mayor Dan Reiman and Paul Sansone for their generous donation.  The funding will allow for the training in fundamental skills necessary for our students as they prepare to be the successful leaders of tomorrow.” stated Superintendent Rosa Diaz

The associated costs of each program are broken down in the tables below. Note that prices are subject to change as they are estimates based off of previous quotes.


Product Price Number of Sessions Total Price
Study Skills Kick Start – Notes and Visualization $275 16 $4400
Time Management $275 16 $4400
Improving Student Achievement – Ace Your Test $275 16 $4400
Faculty & Staff Training $150 1 $150
Parent Night $90 2 presenters $180
Parent Night Refreshments $100 1 $100
Manuals $25 3 $75
Travel $225
Total Approx. $13,840




Product Cost Quantity Total Price
iPads $320 15 $4800
iPad covers $10 15 $150
Teacher to facilitate the course $30 8 weeks

1 hour class

1 hour prep

(2 hours a week)

16 hours

Not to exceed $500
Misc. Costs & Parent Night Refreshments


Total: $6650

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