Mayor Announces Storm Sewer Inspections in West Carteret

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman has joined with Council President Randy Krum to announce that National Water Main Cleaning has been contracted by the Borough of Carteret to clean and inspect various storm sewers, catch basins and headwalls in the vicinity of Milik Street in West Carteret. The contract, awarded in the amount of $29,535.00, includes the cleaning and video inspection of over 3,000 linear feet of storm sewers which are heavily silted and may be restricting proper drainage of storm water.

“This project has been a necessary part of our capital plan to upgrade our infrastructure throughout the Borough,” Reiman said. “Many of our recent improvements have been those unseen to the eye, beneath Carteret’s streets, involving upgrades to our sanitary and storm water drainage systems.”

The inspections will be used to help determine any necessary upgrades which may be required for the existing storm water system, as well as being a tool for developing a solution for the flooding and storm water back-ups which frequently impact the area.

While these improvements may not be the flashiest or photogenic, they are vitally important,” added Krum. “Fiscally responsible investment into local infrastructure transcends officeholders and provide a foundation of success for future generations.”

Borough officials expect the work to be complete within a few weeks. It is requested that those traveling in the areas of Minue, Milik, and Bryla Streets be aware of the cleaning activities, which will include workers and equipment within the roadways.