Mayor recognizes local resident on her 100th birthday

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Reiman joined with family and friends of Mary B. Pszczola on Saturday, August 24th to celebrate her 100th birthday. She was born on August 30th, 1913.

Mary Muzyka grew up on Randolph Street in Carteret, with her family that included 2 brothers and 4 sisters (Julia, Josie, Stella, Sophie, John, & Michael). She married Walter A. Pszczola Sr., and owned and operated a butcher and grocery store on Pulaski Avenue, while they started their own family on Longfellow Street.

Mary & Walter lived in Carteret for 41 years until they moved to Staten Island. They owned and operated the Terrace Tavern & Restaurant in Staten Island, until a fire destroyed the business in 1966, and tragically took the life of her beloved husband and her son-in-law Bernard Bernstein.

In 1966, Mary returned to Carteret, moving to 56 Post Boulevard, where she still lives today. Mary and her family have also enjoyed the lake home she and Walter Sr. purchased in Roscoe, New York, on Tennanah Lake in the Catskill Mountains, from 1952 until present.

She has been known for her outstanding work ethic, as a successful business owner as well as an employee with such businesses as the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, the New Jersey State Prison for Women in Clinton, and the Simmons Mattress Company.

Mary has 2 Children, Walter A. Pszczola Jr. and Audrey Biase. She has 3 Grandchildren, Andrew Biase, Alexander Biase, and Lauren Pszczola-Papp, and 3 Great Grandchildren, Ava Biase, Gregory Papp, and Jacob Papp. Mary also has 29 nieces and nephews.

“As one of many residents who have chosen to make Carteret their lifelong home,” Mayor Reiman said, “Mary will always be known as a model citizen, a loving family member, an active and valued participant in our senior programs, and a proud part of our local history.”

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