Carteret completes $2.2 million in improvements to sewer system beneath NJ Turnpike

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman has announced that Carteret has completed a $2,237,515 sanitary sewer capital improvement project, through which a new line has been installed between West Carteret and Carteret proper.

Construction has employed a sophisticated micro-tunneling technology to install a new 51” diameter steel casing pipe under the New Jersey Turnpike.  A 30” diameter sanitary sewage pipeline was then installed within the casing pipe to provide a new interceptor sewer to serve industrial, commercial, and residential users in West Carteret.

The micro-tunneling stage of the project began in early February, according to Borough engineers. The total length of the boring is approximately 700 linear feet.

The project has been partially funded through a low interest loan provided through the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection’s environmental infrastructure trust fund (EIT).  The NJDEP EIT Program provides funding for various sanitary sewer, potable water, and stormwater improvements projects throughout the state.  This project marks the first time the Borough has participated in the program.

The sanitary sewer upgrade has provided a new interceptor sewer to serve West Carteret, allowing the Borough to supplement an existing 24-inch sanitary sewer line which is believed to have been constructed at the same time as the Turnpike during the 1950’s – the only link to the Central Carteret sanitary sewer system.  The new interceptor sewer will ensure long-term reliable service through a critical link in the Borough’s sewer system and serve West Carteret residents for many years.

The project has also included the construction of approximately 750 feet of a new parallel 30-inch sewer line and associated manholes and diversion structures to replace the existing line. The old existing line will remain in place to serve as a much needed and NJDEP supported backup line, and will be cleaned and repaired as necessary during the project work.

“This project has been a necessary part of our capital plan to upgrade our sanitary sewer system throughout the Borough,” Mayor Reiman said. “Many of our recent improvements have been those employed unseen to the eye, beneath Carteret’s streets, involving upgrades to our sanitary and stormwater drainage systems, which affect our residents and businesses every day.”

“I remember when the Turnpike was first being built,” Councilman Vinnie Bellino added. “It’s good to see our infrastructure and utilities evolving with the needs of Carteret and its residents, and improvements made in stride with the growth of our business community.”

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