Middlesex County awards $500,000 for restoration of Carteret’s Sullivan Field

Carteret, NJ – Mayor Dan Reiman was recently joined by Middlesex County Freeholder Ronald G. Rios to announce that the County has authorized a grant of $500,000 from the Middlesex County Open Space Trust Fund to facilitate the reconstruction of Carteret’s Sullivan Field baseball facilities.


One of ten parks registered with the D.E.P. on Carteret’s Recreational Open Space Inventory (R.O.S.I.), Carteret Park, which hosts the field, is the town’s largest municipal park. Located adjacent to Carteret Middle School, Carteret Park plays home to a variety of athletic facilities including “Tomczuk Courts,” which recently underwent a $450,000 reconstruction, as well as Sullivan Field and Leniart Field.


Sullivan Field is used extensively throughout the year by a number of athletic organizations according to town officials, including the Carteret High School Varsity and Junior Varsity teams, the Babe Ruth League, and adult softball leagues.


Reconstruction will include an upgrade to artificial turf as well as a new backstop, fencing, benches, and amenities. Reiman has also stated that provisions have been made for multi-purpose features including striping for a football/soccer field. Total cost for the project has been estimated at $1.75 million.

“This is a town that relies heavily on its open space and recreation,” Mayor Reiman stated, “both for passive and active recreation. Our sports fields in particular are utilized heavily by our numerous athletic leagues with participants of all ages. Sullivan Field had undergone the wear and tear that could be expected. Funding from the Middlesex County Open Space Trust Fund will not only help restore it, but allow us to make upgrades that will ensure a longer lifespan and more enjoyable usability for our athletes.”

“Athletics can be the ticket to higher education for many of our youngsters,” Councilman and Parks Commissioner Vinny Bellino added. “Having sports facilities that complement our level of usage is a necessity, so we are more than grateful for the county’s recognition and support.”

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