Carteret’s second 149-seat ferry boat purchased with $9.843M contract through NJ TRANSIT

Carteret’s second 149-seat ferry boat purchased with $9.843M contract through NJ TRANSIT

CARTERET, NJ – Mayor Daniel J. Reiman announced today that Hornblower Marine of Bridgeport, Conn. has been awarded a $9,843,000 contract through NJ TRANSIT, to construct the second ferry boat for the Borough that will seat 149 passengers.

The Reiman Administration has brought in more than $46 million in grants from the federal and state government toward the Carteret Ferry Terminal, its ferry boats, and the Carteret Intermodal Transportation Building. Those funds include for the second ferry boat, a $6 million Federal Transit Administration grant being administered by NJ TRANSIT, $500,000 of which must be used for administration, and a $1,060,000 grant from the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund.

“This is truly an exciting time for Carteret,” Mayor Reiman said. “Soon the ferry will safely and efficiently deliver commuters from Carteret and the surrounding area every day to downtown Manhattan and the Financial District.”

The ferry will provide quick and reliable service to numerous stops in Manhattan for both commuters travelling to work, as well those seeking recreation.

One year ago, the Borough bid and awarded its first 149-seat ferry boat from NY Waterway in Weehawken. The pre-owned boat was purchased for $2,250,000 by Carteret Port Authority with a state transportation grant of $1 million.

The second boat will be constructed in New Orleans, according to Hornblower Marine. In its approval of the contract, NJ TRANSIT determined that Hornblower provided the best value. The contract now proceeds to final regulatory review.

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Carteret’s first ferry boat, the Theodore Roosevelt.

A rendering of the Carteret Ferry Landing and Intermodal Transportation Building.

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